Top 6 Tips for Crack the JEE Mains Exam

These days, competitive exams have become challenging for students who are spending much of their time studying and preparing. We’ve brought some of the helpful tips for aspirants to clear the JEE exams and can get admission in IIT, NIT, and GFTI institution. We all knew how difficult it could’ve been for students who are not unable to manage their studies due to their personal or health issues. Below are the discussed points that would help each one of the students in scoring good marks in this exam.

  1. Set the goal: One needs to set up a goal for himself. Believing in yourself and achieving the targeted goals would make individuals prepared for the exams. However, studying the course subjects for hours could make the exam takers feel bored, and sometimes might lose self-motivation. In this case, one should look for webinars, vlogs, and podcasts besides gaining knowledge from the books. Moreover, the center head of FIITJEE Mr. Ramesh Batlish recommends the students to take their time off before the exams and do the meditation to keep their mind calm & relaxed.
  2. Study Plan: This particular exam requires the students to organize their study timings and focus more on the preparation of the core subjects like Mathematics, Physics, & Chemistry. Further, they should take mock tests to improve their speed and accuracy. To achieve the best results, they should refer to the previously asked question papers to have a better outlook of the exam patterns. The top-rankers of the JEE exam suggest that the students should only cover 70% of the essential syllabus and exclude any unimportant chapters.
  3. Consistency: Students preparing for the JEE mains should be focused, confident, and determined. All they have to do is to follow the time table and study accordingly. They must not make it harder for themselves when they feel bored. Perhaps, they should be studying smartly and consistently utilize the time in better ways.
  4. Revision: Students should focus more on subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. They should also refer to the previous exam papers for a better understanding of questions patters. Toppers of JEE exams had always gone through the previously asked questions of JEE exams. So, this tends to be the best practice of the JEE exam preparation. They should also practice mock tests to improve their proficiency and speed. Preparing the notes can be beneficial for the students when they’ve sat for a brief revision before the exam. The preparatory notes should include the concepts, formulae, and previous year papers.
  5. Healthy lifestyle: Students appearing for the exams often neglect their health and follow an unhealthy lifestyle. Eating nutritional food will provide essential nutrients to the body and improves brain function. Also, they should take part in outdoor sports activities and perform yoga for a better immune system. Further, listening to the kinds of music and playing games like carrom or chess increases your concentration skills.
  6. Spend quality of time in recalling what you’ve studied: Most of the students run short of time just before appearing for the exams because of their exaggerating fear of not remembering important subject topics. Which causes difficulty for them to tackle stress and manage time in the exam centers. To avoid such circumstances, the individual should allot a particular time to study each one of the subject content, formula, technique & recall the studied part.

Conclusion: We hope that the strategic tips provided above in this blog article had given you the necessary knowledge to clearing the JEE mains without fear or hesitation.

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