Tips for students preparing for exams

Entrance & Competitive exams are the gateways to your dream and future. Health plays the most important role in making your body fit for the preparation of the coming exams. Do not ignore your health. Now, India is passing through a very critical phase due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 viral pandemic. These days, aspirants should be more cautious when it comes to maintaining a healthier lifestyle, especially at home. Undoubtedly, during this lockdown, many of us spend time inside our homes, the chances are higher that we tend to follow the unhygienic lifestyle and pay less attention to better time management. Therefore, it is wisely advised to the students preparing for their exam, stay fit and make a note of their time spent on studies. As per the Govt guidelines, stay safe at home and avoid unnecessary contact with relatives and friends.

Some of the useful tips to follow inside the home and outside.

  1. Maintain a separate room. Keep it always clean and hygiene
  2. Take a regular bath and wash hands with soap regularly.
  3. Maintain safe distance with others.
  4. Keep your mind calm, organize and plan well for preparation.
  5. Avoid unnecessary tensions, depression, and confusion. This will leads to a reduction of the immune system.
  6. Avoid keeping pen, pencil in the mouth while preparing as it is the common practice found in most of the students.
  7. Avoid wetting of thumb with saliva when turning the pages of a book as most of the students are frequently doing this activtiy.
  8. Be extra careful and avoid contact while exchanging books or notes with friends and fellow students.
  9. Avoid junk food and outside food as well.
  10. Consume vegetables and leafy food that is rich in vitamins and minerals.

A healthy brain will give a wonderful result. SKKOPI team wishes you Best of luck for the forthcoming examinations.

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