Ocean Engineering Course

Are you an engineering aspirant, and the world on the ocean fascinates you to become an ocean engineer? If yes! Then your mission to pursue a postgraduate degree in ocean engineering and dream of becoming a full-time ocean engineer is not so far. In this article, we would begin by explaining to you what likes to be an ocean engineer, its scope, and a list of ocean engineering colleges in the states.

What is Ocean Engineering?

Ocean engineering is all about the study of the ocean environment to the design and building of marine structures, marine vehicles, and ships. Whereas, the job responsibility of ocean engineers is to design, test, and produce pieces of equipment or instruments that could resist the harsh weather conditions of the ocean. Innovations in instrumentation and equipment made by ocean engineers have enabled the researchers to travel offshore and stay deep into the sea for a longer time.

Ocean engineering offers the most fulfilling career opportunities in the water world. It is one of the most in-demand careers for science students and engineer graduates who wish to pursue higher education.

The Ocean Engineers will study engineering sciences and receive full-fetched training in core areas such as Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture.

Below are the essential elements of the course curriculum that the students will cope up to learn in the classroom:

  1. Hydrostatics and stability
  2. Marine Hydrodynamics
  3. Ship Strength
  4. Marine Design and Production
  5. Marine Construction and Welding
  6. Computer Aided Marine Design and Production
  7. Marine Production and Planning
  8. Resistance and Propulsion
The educational requirement:

The basic qualification required to pursue a B.Tech/B.E. degree is that students must have finished higher secondary exams with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English and cleared the GATE, CSIR, or NET exams.

The job responsibility of Ocean Engineers:

Ocean engineers use the combination of mechanical, civil, electrical, and general engineering principles in the groundwork. They closely work with the team of oceanographers, marine biologists, and geologists in developing the tools or devices for accomplishing research projects.

  • Any developed devices made by Ocean Engineers are intended to be used for detecting underwater objects, seafloor development, and measuring the underwater activity or tides.
  • Ocean engineers work either in a design or research team or might be working independently by conducting new research and discovering tools. Job-ready ocean engineers will work on ships or submersibles based on their level of education, research work, and on-field experience.
  • Overall, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in ocean engineering will prepare the students to acquire the much-needed skills and knowledge required to serve as an ocean engineer.
Future demands for Ocean Engineer:

The Ocean engineer role is full of adventurous and challenges. Some of the key industries in which Ocean Engineer can find jobs are offshore oil recovery, global climate monitoring, naval architecture, marine transportation, and defense. Ocean engineers work as designers, construction supervisors, or researchers based on their area of expertise. The highest salary offered to well-qualified naval architecture is Rs 30 lakhs per annum and internationally paid somewhere around $129,500 per year.

List of colleges offering Ocean Engineering in Andhra Pradesh

  1. Indian Maritime University – IMU Visakhapatnam Campus, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

List of colleges offering Ocean Engineering in Karnataka

  1. National Institute of Technology (NITK), Surathkal, Karnataka

List of colleges offering Ocean Engineering in Kerala

  1. National Institute of Technology (NITC), Kozhikode, Kerala
  2. Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engineering (SNGCE), Kolenchery, Kerala
  3. Christ Knowledge City, Muvattupuzha, Kerala
  4. Cochin University of Science and Technology : Department of Physical Oceanography, Kochi, Kerala

List of colleges offering Ocean Engineering in Tamil Nadu in Tamil Nadu

  1. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Madras), Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  2. International Maritime Academy (IMA), Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Above are a few of the Indian state engineering colleges that are offering Ocean Engineering courses. Those applicants interested in applying for the above program must meet the minimum educational requirement stated by each institution.

Through this piece of article, we hope that you will better decide to opt for this course that meets your career goals and take you a long way to create a successful journey on a ship.

Best of luck, folks!


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