How to manage time for JEE Mains exam Preparation

JEE Main is one of the significant examinations in India. Each year, lakhs of aspirants study for months to appear for this exam and clear the JEE advanced to get admission to the top-ranking institutions. Before we proceed further, what are the reasons behind the student’s inability to stay focused in the examination hall. Of course, lack of studies and being distracted by unnecessary things might be the one for students. However, we would like to look at how students can tackle stress and anxiety to pay complete attention to the exam papers.

In this blog, students will get a clear idea of how to manage the time and stay focused on the exams. After all, time management is the crucial step when you’re preparing and appearing for the exams. As there is saying, if you’ve succeeded in managing the time properly, you can accomplish more tasks in a shorter period.

Four simple steps to follow that could make you score well in your exams.

  • Unplug the TV: Television is addictive, as you may switch to watch for feeding information into your brain, but it would impact your brain senses as you’ve spent a lot of time watching it.
  • Avoid notifications: Expert suggests that get rid of smartphones during peak studying hours. However, by observing the growing popularity and usage of smartphones these days, it is difficult for the individual to stay away from it. Check the urgent notification only when you have free time.
  • Study with full concentration: Today’s competition is very high among the students. You have to attend schools, tuitions, and coaching classes to manage everything with the same level of dedication is a big challenge. Whenever you are learning a new topic, learn with good practice of keen focus on your studies. When it comes to the preparation of JEE and board exams, students should simultaneously prepare each of them as it can help them cover topics faster.
  • Ask help when required: Ask help only when you needed the most from teachers, tutors, and professional trainers. But too much taking the feedback or information would lead you towards the confusion. Try to limit yourself to just schools and coaching sessions, spent quality of your time on self-study or learning. Make it a habit of learning the concepts and applying them by yourself. If you’ve doubts regarding the subject, then approach the school teachers for better understanding. Moreover, enroll in the e-learning site to seek more guidance support from the educational adviser.


In the end, students must take care of everything from above-listed points when they’re’ considering for self-learning. There might also be other factors to consider, but we believe that those urgent action plans can be covered later.

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